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Endmill Reconditioning

Extend the life of your tools for a fraction of the price! Recondition service customers can save at least 40% in comparison to new tool costs. For added convenience, we even re-tool competitors’ products.

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From “overall diameter” options to “end only” options, IMCO will work with you to ensure your tools are reground to your specifications.

Edge Prep

High Performance requires high maintenance. We edge prep all high-performance tools to maintain their optimal quality.


The right coating is an integral facet in end mill manufacturing and reconditioning is no exception.

What Makes Us Better

  1. 1

    Cost Effective

    By using IMCO's reconditioning service customers can save at least 40%** compared to the list price of a new tool. Need a length taken off the flute or a corner radius added? No worries, we'll do that for no extra charge.

  2. 2

    No Minimum Quantities

    As part of our effort to make your reconditioning experience uniquely IMCO, we offer no minimum quantities for reconditioning. No job is too small.

  3. 3

    Shipping Tote

    We aim to make the process of transporting your IMCO end mills as painless as possible. For select orders we offer a reusable shipping container that can hold up to 75 pounds of end mills.

End Mill Reconditioning

For years IMCO has prided itself on delivering high quality cutting tools, but why stop there? Send your end mills to us for reconditioning and watch the savings climb!

General End Mills
CMS End Mills
  • Regrind OD, Flute Face, Corner Radius and End (Unless otherwise specified below).
  • Maintain existing OD relief style. Conventional of Eccentric.
  • Face grind amount = .010” MIN. (may increase if heavily damaged).
  • Do not regrind neck (LBS)
  • Cut diameter reduction = .020 “ MIN. (may increase if heavily damaged).
  • Push back on end = .030” MIN. (may increase if heavily damaged).
  • Radial Runout = .001” TIR MAX.
  • Maintain existing corner radius.

General End Mill Instruction Sheet

Fill out this form and include it with your shipment of tools to help us achieve your specific requirements.

Are you ready to recondition?

You’ve let us provide you with reliable cutting tools, but that's just the beginning of your IMCO experience. Let IMCO help with your tool reconditioning, we've got the knowledge and expertise to ensure your tools get done right.

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