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POW-R-FEED M9 Series

Get chatter-free machining, excellent surface finishes and incredible feed rates with POW-R-FEED M9 series end mills. They are beasts at virtually any machining task and material you throw at them.


5-flutes for high-efficiency machining (HEM) in aluminum alloys. Engineered with both a solid core for stability and chip evacuation space for high feed rates.

IMCO in 4140

Machining our logo in 4140 using our enDURO M525.

POW-R-PATH HEM vs Traditional (side-by-side)

A side-by-side comparison of HEM vs conventional machining techniques in 316L stainless. Watch the POW-R-PATH IPT7 rip through this workpiece in almost 1/3 of the time.

POW-R-PATH IP Series for HEM

Push your productivity to the max with IMCO’s newest product line – the POW•R•PATH IP Series end mills, designed specifically for High Efficiency Machining (HEM). This dynamic combination utilizes HEM tool paths and unique tool design features to increase your metal removal rates while decreasing wear on your tool. The proof is in the savings!


The best cutter in aluminum just got better! Advanced ZrN coating for dramatically longer tool life, high corner strength over the original M2 series, new design greatly improves floor and overall finishes, and the M233 rougher is designed to give you higher metal removal with less horsepower.

enDURO M5 Series

Advanced high-shear cutting edges and amazing corner strength make enDURO end mills the best choice for milling hard-to-machine materials, whether you use high-efficiency machining or traditional techniques.


New INCONEX M8 end mills are designed specifically for higher productivity in all hi-temp alloys. Optimized geometries, advanced chip management and proven performance. INCONEX end mills are the best choice for success in difficult-to-machine metals.

Omega-6 M726 Series

The Omega-6 end mill demonstrates remarkably longer tool life in hardened steels, even up to 58-62 HRC, running wet or dry. This tool excels in hardened materials, and it provides superior surface finishes in a wide range of non-hardened materials.