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SM-51M Single Cut Bur 6,3 x 3 x 12,7 x 50

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Single cut has right-hand spiral flutes, producing good stock removal and excellent surface finishes. Use this cut for general deburring in cast iron, steel, copper alloys, brass alloys, and other ferrous materials.

Additional Information

Head Shape: Pointed Cone
End Style: Pointed End
Inch or Millimeter: Millimeter
USCTI Code: SM-51M
ISO Code: Not Available
DIN Code: Not Available
Cut Style: Single Cut
Tool Diameter (DC): 6,3 mm
Length of Cut (LC): 12,7 mm
Shank Diameter (DS): 3 mm
Overall Length (OAL): 50 mm
Included Angle: 22°
Shank Type: Steel - 38mm Length
Tool Material: SC Head-Steel Shank
Coating: No coating
Cutting Direction: Right Hand
SE / DE: Single End