EDP: 68853
Model: M806N-CR
EZ-ID: M806-100-020-N060-100-L100

M806N 10,0 6F 1,0R SX INCONEX End Mill 10 x 10 x 20 x 100 LBS=60 AlCrNX

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List Price: $124.93

For high-performance roughing of hi-temp alloys. Designed with chip control notches and corner radii to protect the cutting edges, and an advanced coating that reduces heat buildup. Made with optimized rake and relief angles for superior sharpness and protection against premature wear. Neck relief and short flute length mean increased stability of the end mill in the cut for more precise tolerances.

Additional Information

Tool Material: Solid Carbide
Material Grade: Micrograin
Coating: AlCrNX coating
End Style: Corner Radius
Number of Flutes: 6
SE / DE: Single End
Style Code: Short LOC, XL OAL
Inch or Millimeter: Millimeter
Tool Diameter (DC): 10 mm
Diameter Tolerance: Not Available
Radius Size (RC): 1 mm
Length of Cut (LC): 20 mm
Length Below Shank: 60 mm
Overall Length (OAL): 100 mm
Shank Diameter (DS): 10 mm
Shank Type: Plain
Shank Tolerance: h6
Flute Direction: Right Hand Spiral
Helix Angle: 30°
Variable Pitch: No
Variable Helix: No
Cutting Edge Profile: INCONEX Profile
Cutting Direction: Right Hand
Center Cutting: Yes
Coolant Provision: External