EDP: 67949
Model: M924-CR
EZ-ID: M924-100-022-050

M924 10,0 4F 0,5R RR Pow-R-Feed Mill 10 x 10 x 22 x 72 AlCrNX

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Additional Information

Tool Material: Solid Carbide
Material Grade: Micrograin
Coating: AlCrNX coating
End Style: Corner Radius
Number of Flutes: 4
SE / DE: Single End
Style Code: Reg LOC, Reg OAL
Inch or Millimeter: Millimeter
Tool Diameter (DC): 10 mm
Radius Size (RC): 0,5 mm
Radius Tolerance: Not Available
Length of Cut (LC): 22 mm
Overall Length (OAL): 72 mm
Shank Diameter (DS): 10 mm
Shank Type: Plain
Flute Direction: Right Hand Spiral
Helix Angle: 38°
Variable Pitch: Yes
Variable Helix: No
Cutting Edge Profile: Standard Edge
Cutting Direction: Right Hand
Center Cutting: Yes
Coolant Provision: External