EDP: 64345
Model: IPC13-CR
EZ-ID: Not Available

IPC13 1" 13F .030R 3xD Pow-R-Path Mill 1 x 1 x 3 x 6 AlCrNX

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List Price: $754.66

For high-efficiency machining (HEM) in materials ranging from low-carbon steels to high-temp alloys. Adds the benefits of the unique Chip Management System (CMS) to the versatility of the IPT13 design. Breaks up long, stringy chips, which eliminates recutting chips and chip packing, and allows for deep, free cutting tool movement in a variety of materials. The results are great chip control and very high metal removal rates.

Additional Information

Tool Material: Solid Carbide
Material Grade: Micrograin
Coating: AlCrNX coating
End Style: Corner Radius
Number of Flutes: 13
SE / DE: Single End
Style Code: LOC = 3 x Dia
Inch or Millimeter: Inch
Tool Diameter (DC): 1 in
Diameter Tolerance: Not Available
Radius Size (RC): .030 in
Radius Tolerance: Not Available
Length of Cut (LC): 3 in
Overall Length (OAL): 6 in
Shank Diameter (DS): 1 in
Shank Type: Plain
Shank Tolerance: h6
Flute Direction: Right Hand Spiral
Helix Angle: 30°
Variable Pitch: Yes
Variable Helix: No
Cutting Edge Profile: CMS Edge
Cutting Direction: Right Hand
Center Cutting: No
Coolant Provision: External