EDP: 97202
Model: CD10
EZ-ID: Not Available

CD10 No. 1 x 4 Drill & Countersink 3/64 x 1/8 x 4 DE 60D

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List Price: $28.92

Excellent for making centering holes in most materials. This double-ended tool is available in metric or inch sizes.

Additional Information

Flute Length: .316 in
Drill Length: .047 in
Length of Cut (LC): .129 in
Shank Diameter (DS): 1/8 in
Tool Code: #1 x 4
Inch or Millimeter: Inch
Drill Size: 3/64 in"'
Overall Length (OAL): 4 in
Included Angle: 60°
Point Angle: 118°
Shank Type: Plain
Point Type: 4 Facet
SE / DE: Double End
Tool Material: Solid Carbide
Coating: No coating
Style Code: Not Applicable
Number of Flutes: 2
Cutting Direction: Right Hand
Diameter Tolerance: Not Available
Shank Tolerance: Not Available